Join us in this exceptional moment to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Charade

A remarkable programme has been put together between June & September 2018, so you can relive this amazing legendary period!

To introduce you to this unique commemoration, a variety of events will take place between June & September on the Charade circuit.
Clermont Ferrand and the surrounding areas will be the focal meeting points with exhibitions & films; the history of the circuit will be related through literary documents, media articles, photos, film projections, posters and collector’s expositions.

15th September – A discovery rally, allowing all those who possess a vintage car to drive through the region taking you back through the history of Charade.

22nd & 23rd September – Inside the circuit and on the track itself there will be displays, parades and exhibitions of rare cars, meetings of the different clubs, village exhibitors and stall holders, entertainment, dedication sessions and driver’s anecdotes of past events, all of this added together will intensify the weekend and enrich your passion.


June to september

At several designated places in and around Clermont Ferrand there will be exhibitions and film projections relating the historical highlights of the circuit.

  • The History of Charade
  • Exhibition of former racing vehicles (cars, motorcycles & side-cars)
  • Tribute to Patrick Depailler
  • From 14 to 18 September 2018, in Polydôme, tribute to Patrick Depailler, Guy Ligier, the brothers Sarron and all those who participated in motorsport in Auvergne.

The Rallye

September 15

You are the lucky user of a car from the years 58/74, this one or a similar model would have participated in an event on the Circuit de Charade as part of a rally, Tour de France, Rally Limousin, Les Volcanoes, Monts d’Auvergne and many others.

Give yourself an exceptional immersion in one of the episodes of the Legend of the Circuit de Charade.

Take part

60 years

September 22 & 23

You own a race car from the years 58 to 88, participate in this unique international event.

Trays grouping the types of cars, Tourism, Sport, GT, Protos, Formulas, and the different vintages will use the track, in demonstration and this several times during the weekend.

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